We provide care for infants in collaboration with parents to ensure that the transition from home to daycare is as smooth as possible. We strive to satisfy each infant’s need for close physical and emotional attachment by holding, cuddling and interacting with them on the floor and being in close proximity to them at all times.  Parents are greeted each day and relevant information is exchanged.  A daily record chart is used to further expand and strengthen communication between families and caregivers in the infant program.

We offer a child-centered, family oriented infant program designed to promote a developmentally appropriate approach to social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of each child.  Our infants program is designed to be coordinated with your child’s individual habits and routines. For example, there are no set sleeping times. Infants nap when their little bodies tell them to. From a foundation of trust and security, caregivers encourage independence and experimentation.  By arousing curiosity and interest, infants are motivated to engage in new challenges.   

Every infant will learn about their environment at their own pace through exploration, by touching, tasting and vocalizing and through their own play. 

Parents can expect daily communication with their child’s teacher as well as year-end assessment reports.