Our toddlers program is specifically designed to help toddlers gain confidence and control over their emotions, explore their environment and develop language/communication skills.  Children are introduced to child-sized furniture and constructive elements which will support their needs and their physical and psychological development. It is a place of love constituted with knowledge, respect and work. 

Social and Emotional goals include helping the child identify and manage their emotions. We introduce routines and encourage them to understand the concept of property and what’s “mine”. Social codes and behavior rules are also introduced.

Cognitive activities include emergent mathematics concepts such as sorting or grouping objects, the difference between large and small, and the notion of quantity. Children are introduced to their first puzzles (6-8 pieces) and begin to grasp the concepts associated with time (soon, before and after). 

Language Development activities include a rich variety of stories, songs, vocabulary words and hard-cover books. We offer the bilingual program from their first words.

Gross and fine motor development activities are extremely important at this age. Throwing balls, jumping and riding a tricycle are just some of the activities that take place daily. Toddlers also experience  Zumba with our specialist in order to help them develop body perception, awareness and relaxation, as well as a sense of internal balance and well-being. 

Parents can expect daily communication with their child’s teacher as well as year-end assessment reports.